Simple resaw jig

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Simple resaw jig


resaw 1

Why didn’t I think of this before?


Recently I set about resawing a pile of old maple boards into backs and sides on my new Record Power bandsaw. Despite being a fairly hefty saw, it’s not all that powerful and like many bandsaw’s it has a tendency to drift if you tax it too much. Cutting 8″ of maple was taxing it too much.

So, I came up with a simple guide to help me resaw the wood using a plywood offcut from some old shelves. A picture can replace a good few words here so take a look:


resaw 4



resaw 5


resaw 2


The nib of the triangle near the blade is flattened a little – it gives a bearing surface about 5-6mm across.┬áSet up the “triangle” as far from the blade as thick as the slice you wish to cut. In this case about 6mm.

Draw a pencil line on the top face of the wood to be resawn. Now it’s a simple task of slowly sawing down the top line whilst keeping the timbers bottom edge firmly press against the triangle nib.


resaw 3

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